Josefa Authentic Mexican Cajeta with Doughnuts

Our Cajeta

Cajeta is a Mexican goat’s milk caramel (dating back almost 100 years!) made with simple ingredients - goat’s milk, cane sugar, and syrup. 

Beloved by old and young alike, cajeta has been Mexico's dessert of choice for almost a century. It is rich and smooth with a velvety texture. Its deep and nutty flavor makes it as versatile as it is delicious. Use it as a spread, topping, dipping sauce, ingredient in your favorite dessert, or our favorite, by the spoonful!


Our Name

As the first woman in the family to take on the tradition of making cajeta, our founder wanted a female name to pay tribute to her family and heritage. Both her great-grandfather (who started the business back in the 1920s) and grandfather (who kept it going for years) were named José so she only saw fit to name this new phase: JOSEFA.


A note from our Founder

Growing up in Mexico, I have memories of sitting around my grandparents' dining table on Sunday afternoons with my cousins, aunts, and uncles, everyone taking turns scooping cajeta out of a jar and spreading it on toast, pouring it on ice cream, or just eating it by the spoonful. There was a connection, a captivation of all senses, that brought us all joy. Through cajeta we celebrated life’s simple moments and created unforgettable memories. 

When I moved to LA in 2017, I became eager to share this cherished treat with those around me. I wanted to celebrate my heritage and allow others to experience the same connection that cajeta brought to my family. Josefa was born out of this desire. It’s my wish that our cajeta provides you and your loved ones with joy and fond memories around the table.

Signature Sofia

Sofia Hernandez founder and CEO of Josefa